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Education is the lifeblood of a knowledge city.

The City of Melbourne is an active participant in encouraging and maintaining its strong position as a global educational and research destination, where people of all ages, cultures and abilities, from all parts of the city, can access affordable education.

It continues to develop its world-class universities, excellent schools, scientific institutions and businesses to rank among the best centres for research and innovation across the globe, and is committed to transforming ideas and research into innovative goods and services.

This is supported by a vibrant culture of enterprise and venture capital investment, attracted by a wealth of opportunities and a significant and rich pool of talent.

The city believes that learning is about interactions between people, spanning formal interactions in an institutional setting to informal modes of learning such as an informative talk or museum exhibition. The city values all forms of learning and treats education as a lifelong process.

Find out more about higher education in Melbourne:

People walking past Centre for Adult Education building