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What's on City of Melbourne

Corporate identity

In 2009, the City of Melbourne launched a new corporate identity.

A new identity for a new era

This identity was created to:

  • become an icon for Melbourne and for the City of Melbourne
  • capture the city's status as a leading capital city with an international reputation for excellence, innovation and leadership
  • represent our organisation as a single entity while allowing for a variety of sub-brands with distinct personalities.

Why did City of Melbourne decide to rebrand?

  • It was deemed necessary to rebrand when an extensive audit and review revealed our ‘leaf’ logo to be outdated. After 15 years this was understandable.
  • The creation of one strong masterbrand represented an opportunity to build a new identity that resonates with our staff, our community, our customers and for the City of Melbourne as an local, national and international destination.
  • Looking at other cities such as London or New York you see the strength of their single brand.

What was wrong with the old 'leaf'?

The ‘leaf’ was found to be weak when stacked up against other national and international city brands and there was also little understanding of what the ‘leaf’ represented. In addition, the proliferation of additional logos resulted in a lack of shared understanding of the City of Melbourne exposing a fragmentation of our identity.

How much did the branding exercise cost City of Melbourne?

  • The cost for design was $147,906, in addition to developmental work which cost $91,652.
  • The review we undertook included an audit; research into world’s best practice; internal and external stakeholder consultation which included a range of focus groups and comprised the aspirations of Future Melbourne community plan.
  • The result of the review was for the City of Melbourne to proceed with developing a new corporate identity.
  • This represented not only future savings to ratepayers but was immediately recognisable as the City of Melbourne locally, nationally, and internationally.

Who designed the new corporate identity?

Landor Associates was engaged to develop the new corporate identity. They are one of the world’s leading international strategic brand consulting and design firms.

 City of Melbourne logo with stylised letter M