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Simple ways to avoid a parking fine

Most common parking misconceptions which result in parking fines.

No one likes to get a parking fine. Read about some common parking misconceptions which could lead to receiving a fine.

Re-feeding parking meters

Adding more money to a parking meter or purchasing another parking ticket in order to stay longer than the time shown on the parking sign is prohibited in every Australian state.

Once you have parked and paid for the maximum permitted time as shown on the parking sign, you must move your vehicle to another parking area.

The time you can legally occupy a parking bay is shown on the parking sign and starts as soon as your car stops in the bay. For example, you may park for no longer than one hour in a 1P signed area.

Read more about re-feeding parking meters.

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Failing to check that a parking ticket is displayed properly

Motorists often report returning to their car to find they have received a parking fine because their parking ticket had fallen from view or flipped over on the dashboard.

Parking tickets are only valid if displayed on the dashboard with all inscriptions visible from outside the vehicle. If a parking ticket is not displayed properly, parking officers are unable to determine whether the vehicle is legally parked.

Every time you park in a ticketed area, remember to check that your parking ticket is correctly displayed before leaving your vehicle.

Read more about properly displaying a parking ticket.

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Not realising who can park in a Loading Zone

There are very strict rules in place about who can park in Loading Zones.

Each state may be different. In Victoria, Loading Zones are authorised parking spaces for use by specific types of vehicles, which are engaged in picking up or setting down passengers or goods on behalf of a company or business (such as courier deliveries to businesses and taxis dropping off passengers).

Loading Zones are not provided for the short-term parking of private vehicles (e.g. picking up a friend or dropping off luggage at hotel before parking your hire car).

The proper use of these bays helps to keep Melbourne moving by supporting the needs of both the community and businesses. There are lots of vehicles which need to use Loading Zones each day, which is why the 30 minute time limit (unless otherwise signed) is strictly monitored.

Read more about who can park in a Loading Zone.

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Not noticing the parking sign

Some parking signs can be up to 75 metres apart and motorists will not always be able to see the applicable sign from where their car is parked. If you can’t see a parking sign, don’t assume that the area has unrestricted parking. The onus is on you as the driver to locate the sign along a length of road, carefully read the sign and comply with the information contained on it every time you park. In some cases, this involves walking closer to the sign to read it.

You still need to check the parking restrictions that apply to an area even if you’re familiar with the restrictions (for example, if you live in the area or park there regularly). Where required, parking signs can change immediately and without any notice.

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Underestimating the time required for appointments/meetings

Because it is a capital city, there are a large number of workplaces and medical facilities located within the City of Melbourne.

Whilst we appreciate that business meetings can run overtime and medical practitioners can regularly run behind schedule, delays of this nature can be reasonably anticipated so motorists need to allow extra time when visiting the city for these reasons.

See Parking FAQ for more information about parking in the City of Melbourne.

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