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What's on City of Melbourne

On-street parking in the City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne has become busier than ever before, with around 800,000 people visiting or residing in the municipality each day. The number of daily visitors is set to grow at 2.1 per cent annually in the next two decades, reaching the one million mark in the next 10 years.

On-street parking is available throughout the municipality, with 3000 marked parking bays in the central city. Parking restrictions are in operation to help make these car parking spaces more readily available for shoppers, visitors and residents.

So that motorists have equal access to the limited supply of on-street parking, the City of Melbourne encourages a regular turnover of parking bays by enforcing parking restrictions.

To assist motorists in finding short-term parking, the City of Melbourne operates three car parks that cost less than commercial rates. There are also a large number of commercial car parks available to motorists.

In-ground sensors

On-street parking is now largely managed by in-ground sensors, which have been installed in parking bays around the central city and inner city areas.

In-ground sensors detect and record when a vehicle arrives and departs from a parking bay. The sensors offer a more consistent and accurate approach to parking management by encouraging drivers to comply with parking restrictions and by supporting the steady turnover of parking spaces.

Once a vehicle has overstayed the maximum permitted time limit in a parking bay, a signal is sent from the sensor in the bay to the nearest parking officer patrolling in the area. The parking officer will check to see if a parking offence has occurred before issuing a parking ticket.

While parking technology is an improved way for the City of Melbourne to manage parking, very little has changed for motorists. Drivers still need to pay for parking where necessary and observe the time limit on the parking sign.

How long can you park in a parking bay?

The time you can legally occupy a parking bay is shown on a parking sign and starts as soon as your vehicle stops in the bay. For example, you may park for one hour only in a 1P signed area.

This standard applies in all Australian states.

A parking session does not start or re-start when parking time is purchased with a parking ticket or meter.

Remember to check the parking sign before leaving your car to avoid a fine.

Frequently asked questions about parking

Read some frequently asked questions about parking within the City of Melbourne.

You can also visit VicRoads for more information about parking road rules.

Parking technology

Parking technology was introduced across the City of Melbourne in 2011. This included the introduction of in-ground sensors, a pay-by-phone trial and licence plate recognition systems.

Contest a parking fine

If you have received a parking fine and believe there is a good reason for you not to pay it, you can apply for an internal review. For further information, visit How to contest fines.

Your parking time starts as soon as your car stops in the bay. Avoid a fine! Check the parking sign.